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I’m VIDHI SIWAL, a multidisciplinary designer
Welcome to my Portfolio!
I’m a
multidisciplinary designer
currently studying at NIFT...
I find my ikigai in unravelling real-world design puzzles, and creating impactful and enriching solutions. I am a socially certified list maker. Heard of the species that loves striking things off of their list? Yep, that's me! Each day, I'm driven to design products and experiences that aren't just useful but utterly delightful. It's not just a job- it's what wakes me up in the morning with a smile.

Few featured projects 
In A Nutshell

Diving into my product design pursuits, you'll find a collection of projects all themed around solving real-world problems. It's all about turning challenges into innovative solutions through deep research and creative design. Here, each creation is not just a product, but a story of inspiration and impact.





Imagine a family moving homes nearby, opting for a self-move to handle their belongings personally. As they engage in packing and lifting, a common issue arises – back injuries due to improper lifting techniques. Now, envision a game-changing solution: a commercially available Passive Exoskeleton. Fitting like a second skin, it seamlessly supports them during lifting, preventing back injuries. This product concept revolutionizes self-shifting, offering an ergonomic solution that empowers individuals with the strength and support needed for efficient and safe lifting. It is redefining the art of self-move with innovation and care, ensuring a smooth transition to their new home without physical strain.

Design process


  • Understand shifting reasons and statistics.

  • Study types and statistics of back injuries.

  • Review market solutions and ergonomic lifting techniques.

  • Analyze the market's passive exoskeletons.


  • Brainstorm wide-ranging ideas.

  • Narrow to viable solutions; detail nuances


  • Construct life-size prototype.

  • Research materials, scientific and biomimicry principles.


Introducing our revolutionary Passive Exoskeleton, a marvel designed to feel like a second skin while providing unparalleled strength for lifting heavy objects. Originally conceived for movers and shifters, this biomimicry-inspired exoskeleton draws inspiration from nature's efficiency, specifically the helicoidal structure seen in arthropods' chitin. Like nature's own engineering, our exoskeleton enables easy movement and efficient load distribution, ensuring prolonged use without strain.

The helicoidal design allows for compression and rotation, offering a seamless and natural extension of the wearer's capabilities. This innovative technology not only supports but enhances the wearer's strength during prolonged, heavy lifting sessions. As a user-friendly solution, our exoskeleton adapts effortlessly to the body, making heavy lifting tasks more comfortable and efficient. Step into a new era of wearable strength augmentation, where the synergy of technology and biomimicry transforms the experience of lifting heavy loads.


Key features

Structure of chitin exoskeleton (Based on a research by Lian Cheng )
Imagine the structure of chitin in the exoskeleton of arthropods, like insects, as a coiled or spiralled arrangement, kind of like a spring. This coiled structure is called "helicoidal." When compressed, this helicoidal structure rotates and squishes, allowing easy movement and supporting heavy loads. It's like a built-in spring that helps the insect move smoothly and bear weight efficiently, making up to 30% of the bearer's weight. This clever design in the chitin structure gives these little creatures incredible flexibility and strength, enabling them to carry loads without much effort.

Understanding exoskeletons in arthropods

Helicoidal Structure

Explanation of chitin fibers in arthropods


Biomimicry spine design with chitin helicoidal structure in as the disks in between the vertebrae

Understanding muscle replicating fibers


Biomimicry substitutes of muscles in the human spine structure to provide flexibility and strength passively.

Nylon as artificial muscle

Artificial muscle by MIT

Skills Acquired: Design process, extensive research methodology, ideation techniques.
Tools Used: Mockup materials, Procreate for sketching.

  • Effortless heavy lifting: Simplify strenuous tasks, and reduce physical strain.

  • Enhanced endurance in relocations: Provide additional strength, and reduce fatigue.

  • Ammunition transport: Aid military in challenging terrains.

  • Optimized long-distance movements: Improve strength and efficiency for military personnel.

Tools and learnings/ scope

Copy of Copy of Graduation Project_edited.jpg



In my graduation project, developed in partnership with Rural Handmade, I have introduced two pioneering home decor product lines that elegantly combine aesthetic appeal with environmental sustainability. These products are engineered to harness the carbon dioxide capturing properties of enhanced weathered basalt rock (ERW), actively reducing atmospheric CO2 levels. To substantiate the CO2 sequestration capabilities of basalt rock, I designed and conducted an experiment using pH tests. This scientific approach was complemented by an extensive literature review, which informed the product development process. Each collection was inspired by distinct themes, guiding the ideation and iterative design stages. The final products were crafted using terracotta, basalt rock powder, and fixtures, creating tangible solutions that not only enhance interior spaces but also contribute to ecological sustainability. This project not only demonstrates the fusion of design and sustainability but also sets a benchmark for future environmentally-conscious home decor innovations.

Design process


  • Basalt rock research

  • Product trend analysis

  • sustainability product expos throughout the world

  • Trend forecasting

  • Suppliers 

  • Literature review


  • Experiment design

  • Inspiration boards

  • mood boards

  • colour boards

  • texture boards

  • initial sketches (exploration)

  • Final Products

  • Models


  • 3D printed product mockups

  • Terracotta sculpted products

  • Firing the products

  • Sticking Basalt powder on the products

  • Fixing the fixtures


CO2 capturing



CO2 capturing


Terra Ellumina


Introducing "Terra Illumina": A collection where ancient earth meets elemental essence, lighting our spaces while embracing environmental stewardship. Each lamp in this collection, crafted from terracotta clay and coated with basalt powder, embodies one of the primal elements: air, water, and fire. The choice of basalt, a material known for its CO2 capturing abilities, signifies a step towards sustainable living. The tetrahedral shape of each lamp maximizes the surface area to volume ratio, enhancing CO2 absorption efficiency through increased exposure surfaces.



Here's a description for your second collection, "Vishwakarma":

"The 'Vishwakarma' collection is a captivating series of three wall decor pieces that artistically reinterpret the iconic deities Jagannath, Balaram, and Subhadra from the revered temple in Puri. Named after the divine architect Vishwakarma, the collection draws inspiration from the myth where Vishwakarma set a condition before the king to work in solitude until the idols were complete. However, the premature disturbance by the king led Vishwakarma to abandon his work, leaving the idols famously unfinished. This narrative mirrors the 'Designer’s Dilemma'—the perpetual struggle for perfection faced by designers in the modern world. Each piece in the collection embodies this theme, using abstract forms and a blend of terracotta with basalt rock powder to highlight both the beauty and the imperfections that arise in the pursuit of artistic completion."




The problem addressed is the need for furniture that can adapt and grow alongside a child, eliminating the frequent need to replace pieces as they outgrow them, which is costly and inefficient.

Design process


  • History of kids toys

  • Comparative study of alternatives
    education systems

  • Child color psychology

  • Child developments through ages

  • Primary research


  • Problem statement

  • Mission statement

  • Need list

  • Client persona


  • Opportunity mapping


  • 3D modelling, animation




Elevating Public Bathroom Experiences
Confronting the often disheartening state of public restrooms, our project responds to the universal challenge of enhancing user comfort and cleanliness. Tasked with designing a bathroom accessory for public spaces, our focus encompasses aesthetic revitalization, hygiene innovation, and a user-centric approach. Addressing the shortcomings of existing designs, our mission is to create a line of modern, visually appealing accessories that not only resist germs but also prioritize user comfort and privacy. Through meticulous research, material innovation, and iterative testing, our goal is to transform public restrooms into inviting spaces that prioritize hygiene, sustainability, and positive user experiences.

Design process


  • Statistics on public toilets in India

  • Statistics on public toilets in Hyderabad

  • Fixtures used in a public toilet

  • Primary research on understanding the problem and areas for design intervention


  • Inspiration

  • CMF

  • Technical Sketches


  • 3D modelling

  • 3D printing



Swachalay - Redefining Public Restrooms with Ergonomic Innovation
Swachalay emerges as a revolutionary concept in public restroom design, prioritizing cleanliness, simplicity, and user comfort. The key innovation lies in the introduction of a specially designed toilet seat that is ergonomically superior, featuring reduced depth to significantly diminish water splashback during use. The facility also incorporates a convenient toilet seat cover dispenser with an emphasis on easy loading and unloading for enhanced hygiene.

  • Shallow Depth compared to conventional Toilet seat

  • Splash-Reducing Design

  • Practical Hygiene

  • Minimalist Aesthetics

  • Ergonomic Fixtures

  • Efficient Layout

  • Maintenance-Friendly


Introducing the motion sensor toilet seat cover dispenser, designed to enhance hygiene and convenience, especially for women in public toilets.




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My projects




Translation app for regional languages and dialects of India. Currently designed for Telugu.


Kiddy Nailcutter

Product Design

A nail cutter for kids with an engagement screen for when their nails are being cut.

Vidhi Siwal Portfolio 2023 (7).png


Product Design

A steering wheel with vintage aesthetic but modular features

Frame 75.png

Architectural Digest


A digital magazine reading app, with a virtual mood board creation feature.

Frame 87_edited.jpg

Personal Branding


This is my personal branding project, simple and silly but close to my heart.

room 1_edited.png

ADHD bedroom

Space Design

A bedroom for a child with diagnosed ADHD. Make her daily activities easier, and be organized.

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