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I’m VIDHI SIWAL, a multidisciplinary designer
Welcome to my Portfolio!
I’m a
multidisciplinary designer
currently studying at NIFT...
I find my ikigai in unravelling real-world design puzzles, and creating impactful and enriching solutions. I am a socially certified list maker. Heard of the species that loves striking things off of their list? Yep, that's me! Each day, I'm driven to design products and experiences that aren't just useful but utterly delightful. It's not just a job- it's what wakes me up in the morning with a smile.

Featured Projects



Passive exoskeleton that helps avoid injuries while lifting heavy objects.


Translation app for regional languages and dialects of India. Currently designed for Telugu.


Furniture range that grows with the child

Kiddy NailCutter

A nail cutter for kids with an engagement screen for when their nails are being cut.

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